FAQs for Owners


How long have you been managing properties?

Our company has served the York, PA area since 2008. Our team has managed rental properties for more than 30 years and has experienced and resolved almost any situation you can imagine. We are currently managing more than 1200 units and are growing rapidly.

Why should I choose you to manage my property?

Over the years we have put together a small but extremely effective team. We are technology and process driven which allows us to provide you the best service at a reasonable price. Our time proven processes and experience will ensure that your property will be managed professionally and allow you to focus on things that matter most to you.

My tenant is not paying the rent. What now?

All tenants that have not paid their rent by about the 8th of the month will receive a notice on their door that they need to contact us about the rent payment. The following week, if no other arrangements have been made eviction notices will go out. Tenants that have not paid by about the 21st of the month will be filed for eviction. While we try and abide by this rule in most cases, situations occur where it is in everyone’s interest not to file for eviction immediately. Bad things sometimes happen to good people, so our team will try and work with tenants if they have a good rental history and just need a bit of extra time. It is sometimes a balancing act to know which one is which. Our experience allows us to manage this effectively.

Do you charge extra for reports?

Our reporting via monthly Owners Statements is included in your monthly management fee.

How do I get my money?

We can mail you a check each month or directly deposit the funds into your bank account depending on your preference. Payments for each month are typically released on or by the 25th of the month that the payment was received. This is the same time we do account reconciliations for both tenants/owners and send statements to both to ensure 100% match on all sides.

How do you handle maintenance requests?

Tenants are able to complete an online form, fax or call for any maintenance concern. Our bi-lingual office staff will generate a work order that can be handled in one of a few ways outlined below.

Who performs the maintenance?

You have several options, depending on what serves you best:

  1. You can perform the maintenance yourself. Of course we will still take all maintenance calls and forward them to you.
  2. We have a fully insured team of professionals that is able to perform most maintenance tasks. We are able to respond quickly to service calls. Depending on your agreement with us and the severity of the problem we can work by the hour and correct the problem while we are out responding to the call or we can create a quote for the work that needs to be done (typically quotes are created for jobs exceeding some agreed dollar amount). We are very cost effective at making repairs and can typically do it cheaper than the competition. That is why many owners choose to give us a minimum threshold under which no approval is necessary. We do however understand if you want full control over your maintenance expenditures.
  3. You can choose to use a contractor. We have a network of contractors in all professions that we are able to send to your property to perform the necessary maintenance. You are also welcome to use your own contractors. Of course we will still take all maintenance calls and forward them to you or to the contractor you desire.

Do you take any tenant or manage every property?

No we do not. We believe in setting both property owners and tenants up for success. This means that we will make sure that we are a good fit for both tenants and property owners.

About Property Owners: We are a fully licensed brokerage and compliant with all laws of the State of Pennsylvania as well as the City of York. That means that we will only represent properties that are licensed as rental properties. We have detailed check lists and minimum requirements each property we manage must fulfill. If your property does not currently have a rental license, we will gladly meet with you and determine what, if anything, needs to happen to get a license.

About Tenants: We perform detailed credit and background checks on all applicants. However, a bad credit report does not automatically disqualify applicants from renting with us. We require employment and income verifications that must exceed 3.5 times the amount of the rental amount for which they apply. We require a government issued photo ID from every financially responsible adult applicant and require a larger security deposit if a recent, preferably local, landlord reference is not available. We have many criteria to make sure that a tenant will be able to rent a property successfully. Of course there is never a guarantee a tenant won’t stop paying. So in case we are forced to evict a tenant we placed in the first 12 months, we will place a new one free of charge.

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"Anytime I have an issue it is taken care quickly. If I need to get in contact with the maintenance department by phone the are very courteous."

- Chris C.