Sell a Property

Sell a property

I'd like to sell a property fast to a cash buyer!

We at Elite Property Management, Inc. understand that people decide to sell houses for a wide variety of reasons. Since we have lots of experience in the industry working with all types of investors who are looking to both buy and sell homes, we are often times able to match up a suitable buyer with someone who wants to sell their home quickly rather than going through the traditional means of listing it for sale. If you would like to discuss a potential sale feel free to send us an email and someone will contact you regarding this transaction.

In the email you send, please provide as much information as is possible so that we can best help you. For instance, things like the property address(es), number of units (if the building is a multi-unit), if the utilities are separated, any other amenities such as off street parking, two car garage, large back yard, finished basement, etc. This will allow us to more knowingly respond to your inquiry and possibly have an interested potential buyer in mind when we contact you.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us in helping you sell your home quickly!

  • Off street parking, two car garage, large back yard, finished basement, etc.

"I feel valued and made to feel that I’m more than just a tenant. I appreciate how communication with you makes me feel regarded as a responsible tenant. I feel a sense of respect from Elite. All your staff is great. I’ll never forget how Bradley fixed the front porch pillars and sidewalk."

- Diane R.