FAQs for Applicants


Click on the frequently asked questions below to find out more about our application process.

What information do I need for you to process my application?
  • Valid photo identification for all applicants age 18 or older.
  • Proof of income, in writing, such as pay stubs (no temporary employment without a letter of long-term assignment), award letters for retirement benefits, social security, child support, food stamps, etc. for all income that will be used in consideration for your application. Self-employed individuals need to submit their latest tax return as proof of income.
What do I need to move in?
  • 1st Month’s Rent and Security Deposit is due prior to move in.
  • Financial Assistance from 3rd parties such as rental assistance programs are not accepted as the security deposit or first month’s rent.
  • Security Deposit is generally 1.5-2 times the amount of the rent and depends upon the quality of your application.
Do you perform background checks or credit checks?
  • Yes, we do, but rest assured that a poor credit score alone will not disqualify your application. We may however require a double security deposit as a result of a poor credit score.
  • In addition, we require proof of monthly income that must equal 3.5 times one month’s rent for any unit you’re interested in. We also require a recent (preferably local) landlord reference.
  • Applications will be denied for any applicant who has any unsatisfied judgement (unpaid eviction, or more than 1 judgement from eviction that was thereafter paid in full) outstanding against them in the last 7 years.
  • Applications will be denied for certain criminal convictions, dependent on the nature of the offense and the length of time since occurrence.
  • Failure to meet these criteria could result in larger security deposit requirement or denial of application.
Do you charge an application fee?

It is $20.00 per person 18 years of age or older. This fee is non-refundable.

Do you allow pets?
  • Pets are considered on a case by case basis depending on type and size of pet and for which unit you’re applying.
  • We do not allow more than 2 (uncaged) pets per household.
  • We have two ways pet fees will apply. EITHER each pet requires a separate pet security deposit of $250.00 and a $25.00 per pet fee that will be added to your monthly rent OR we can waive the security deposit charge but each pet will then be subject to a fee of $40.00 per month. The renter will choose which they would prefer.
  • In the instances above, the security deposit is refundable if paid but in no case will the monthly fees be refundable.
  • Pet owners must provide a photo of the pet as well as updated immunization records. Breed restrictions will apply – click this link for more information about breed restrictions.

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